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What is OCR?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Welcome to my first attempt at writing a blog. There are many reasons why I've started this and some people say I talk too much about training and obstacle course racing, therefore I need a place to share my enthusiasm.

Okay that's partly true, but the real reason is that I want to use my passion and positive nature to spread the word of Obstacle Course Racing, yep that's what OCR stands for. I'm not talking about the exam board.

I will be talking about the training, organisation, events, nutrition, equipment, coaching and the dream of it becoming an Olympic Sport. Yep its ambitions are that high. Hey, if breakdancing can make it why can't OCR. I also have high ambition for myself and currently training to become the best OCR athlete I can be with a lot of help from friends, family, coaches and training facilities. I’ll talk about this more in my next blog.

OCR is a sport with many different disciplines, you can get your sprint races, medium distance races and all the way up to your 24hr races, it really does have a lot of diversity. When I started it was a muddy field with walls, ditches and rivers, with me looking to prove something to myself and have a laugh with mates. I never knew it is a sport with a governing body UKOSF, professional athletes, European Championships, sponsorship deals, TV deals, even Ninja Warrior on the TV is part of the sport and I have been fortunate enough to have raced against some of those amazing athletes.

The contemporary sport we see today with your local mud run, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Nuts Challenge and Nuclear Races to name a few arguably all originated from a race called Tough Guy in 1987. This race was the inspiration the world needed to create a trail running, mud clawing obstacle playground for anyone crazy enough to participant.

If any of this sparks your interest or you want to find out more about, how to train for it or just want to see me covered in mud, then subscribe and follow me on my social channels. Stay tuned for more 3-minute reads, videos, stories and hopefully some races.


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